Zanetti | About Us
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About Us

Timeless Quality
Three decades of family tradition – a legacy of quality.

Founded and headquartered in Los Angeles Zanetti has been designing and manufacturing fine men’s clothing for three decades. Italian pedigree has guided our uncompromising standard for quality and attention to detail. Fine finishes and fabrications define the Zanetti reputation.

Since 1988, Zanetti has built a sterling reputation in men’s clothing by using only the finest fabrics and adhering to the strict tradition of quality.


Old world craftsmanship in a modern market.

Our presence in Italy for the past three decades continues to inspire Zanetti products. Zanetti men’s clothes are tailored to uncompromising standard of excellence. Every detail is carefully maintained from start to finish.The company’s latest manufacturing endeavor is in Asia where Zanetti is working hand-in-hand with expert technician and designers to produce product lines synonymous with Zanetti’s reputation.

Privately held and managed to satisfy global clients.

With the continued growth of Zanetti throughout the past three decades, we have expanded our manufacturing centers and continued to enhance our menswear portfolio. Built on Zanetti’s past success, we endeavor to make our products available to a growing number of clientele worldwide. Zanetti clients include major department stores as well as exclusive boutiques in the United States and the International Market.

Dare to embrace the lifestyle of today’s fashion conscious man.

While other brands adhere to conservative market trends the Zanetti brand’s ethos embraces change. With each new season, Zanetti inspires the well dressed man to express his own sense of style. The Zanetti Man is confident and motivated toward a unique perspective. The Zanetti brand is unbound by stoic notions of conservative men’s fashion. Zanetti offers a fashion perspective that fits the Zanetti man perfectly.

Strength of character defines a new tradition.

The Zanetti Man is defined by his nonconformist point-of-view. He is always in motion toward a new ideal while he remains grounded in his own self. The Zanetti brand appeals to his spirit as he is driven to greatness. Enthusiasm, confidence, intelligence is the link between band and lifestyle. The common perspective creates a new tradition shared by Zanetti consume.